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£3.6 Million Will Aid For Encompass Corporations Legal Expansion

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3.6-Million-Will-Aid-For-Encompass-Corporations-Legal-Expansion-300x193 £3.6 Million Will Aid For Encompass Corporations Legal ExpansionAustralian-headquartered data aggregator Encompass Corporation has been presented funds adding up £3.6 million followed by a year of aggressive UK growth, which will be used by the company to accelerate to the different markets. The investment branch of Scottish Enterprise, a Scottish Investment Bank has funded £1.8million to help the expansion of Encompass. The UK head office is in Glasgow. Adcock private Equity has also invested a further £1.8million.


Encompass providing analytics software for professional and financial services firms were founded in the year 2012. The firm has expanded to 32 employees since it has opened a branch in Glasgow. Chris Bull was appointed as the industry adviser in order to help grow the Encompass’s UK legal sector in February 2016. Prior to this Chris Bull has played roles at the top 30 law firms in the UK and was a COO (Chief Operating Officer) at America and Europe’s legal outsource integro.


To increase the number of international and domestic data suppliers currently standing at 12 will be increased with the £ 3.6 million. The further speeding up the onboarding and viability assessment of new clients for the legal profession will also be helped by this. Enhance the offering to the legal service market and also fast track the product development will be done with this investment Wayne Johnson, co-founder, and CEO of Encompass said in a statement.