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3 New Products Are Introduced By GoPro

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3-New-Products-Are-Introduced-By-GoPro-300x129 3 New Products Are Introduced By GoProHero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session, and the Karma Drone are the new offerings from GoPro Inc. The Hero 5 Session and Hero 5 Black will be available in the market for sale from October 2 and the later Karma Drone will be available from 23 of the same month for sale. The company has reported a three consecutive quarter loss and added to that cash flow is negative. The company’s stocks have plunged 53.64 percent in a matter of 12 months.


The two camera products have common specifications such as both the Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session cameras are equipped with 4K video capability, 10 megapixel photos, Start/stop recording, Electronic image stabilization, Enhanced low-light performance, Editing, The ability to connect to your smartphone and use the smartphone’s display as a camera viewfinder, Support voice controls. Added to that the Hero 5 Black will also have GPS, 3 Microphones, 2-inch Display and up to 30 feet Waterproof.


However, the real delight will be introducing the Karma Drone. Foldable, Stabilizer up front, 1-button return home, 1-button takeoff, and landing are some of the features. Along with that the Karma Drone is equipped with a Karma Grip which allows the user to control camera shutter buttons, change stabilizer’s angle, change camera modes, and power camera on/off and Flip-up touchscreen controller designed to be similar to a smartphone for user familiarity and simplicity.


It’s Hollywood kind of stabilization in a backpack suitable for any activity said Nick Woodman, president and chief executive officer of GoPro. Karma is more than a Drone he added. The Karma Drone, Hero5 Session, and the Her5 Black comes for a price of $799, $299 and $399 respectively. Also, a bundled offer is available, the Karma Drone with either Hero 5 Session or Hero 5 Black for $999 or $1099 respectively.