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3rd Beta Version For Developers Has Been Rolled Out By Apple

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3rd-Beta-Version-For-Developers-Has-Been-Rolled-Out-By-Apple-300x129 3rd Beta Version For Developers Has Been Rolled Out By AppleThe 3rdiOS 10, i.eiOS 10.3 major updates pre-release version has been rolled out by Apple for its developers this Monday. Details of the new release were not yet been disclosed. The problems that the developers found in the two prior versions of the release were been anticipated to be fixed. The pre-release software causes the iPhone 6s Plus battery to drain sooner than the usual some testers mentioned in their comments. Some beta testers were complaining about the major battery issue found in the 10.3 release of the beta version mentioned a report. The 6S Plus is having major battery issue said a developer. The developers said the other issues are apparently nothing while compared to this one. One of the YouTube videos mentioned the comments of the testers himself agreeing to the same issue, that he experienced on his phone.


The stability and responsiveness of the iPads and iPhones were found to be improving with the iOS 10.3 release. The release notes for the beta software have so far to be released, but users can already expect ‘Find My AirPods support, CarPlay’ enhancements and many other promising changes to be part of it mentioned a developer in a comment.