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$50 Nook tablet From B&N Will Be Available From Black Friday

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50-Nook-tablet-From-BN-Will-Be-Available-From-Black-Friday-300x129 $50 Nook tablet From B&N Will Be Available From Black FridayA new Nook from Barnes and Nobel has been reportedly announced by the company. with the approach of the holiday seasons, B&N has officially revealed a 7-inch Nook tablet. The new tablet is certainly targeting Fire from Amazon with its $49.99 price tag. The new Nook tablet took the stage with the Fire tablet with same screen size, storage and price tag. With brief passages on new books as well as select articles from magazines, and free Nook support from brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble locations B&N tried to sweeten the deals. Barnes and Novel will make it available for the Black Friday sale even though the tablet was announced this week. Although the company has chosen the best time for the launch but sadly amazon and some other dealers will be discounting the Kindle Fire for $33.33 at the same time.


Till now B&N hasn’t announced a discount for its new tablet. Though it is true that the price advantage will go away, but whether B&N can market its fresh Nook as providing somewhat different or extra appreciated than the Amazon’s economical Kindle Fire and the Kindle ecosystem currently offers. Being new to the tablet market B&N has to partner with Samsung to create the Nook tablet.