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$6.99 Orange Pi Zero Board Targets Raspberry Pi Zero

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Orange-Pi-Zero-Board-Targets-Raspberry-Pi-Zero-300x129 $6.99 Orange Pi Zero Board Targets Raspberry Pi ZeroThe new Raspberry Pi rival dubbed as Orange Pi Zero is available for $6.99. The Pi Zero can be used as a media or file server or can be used to build robots and electronics. Industrial devices are been build using such boards. However, the Raspberry Pi Zero is available for $5 but the Orange Pi Zero has a better configuration with Wi-Fi and faster processors. Nevertheless, this cannot be a full PC replacement.


Powering the recent low-end smartphones and tablets the quad-core Allwinner ARM Cortex-A7 processor also powers the Orange Pi Zero. An ARM’s Mali 400 MP2 GPU was also used. The GPU is capable of processing High Definition Videos. Though the developer Shenzhen Xunlong believes the board can handle 4K videos, but the board is not built for that. A display out port is missing from the Orange Pi Zero. The Pi Zero with SD card slot and 256 MB of memory costs $6.99 and 512MB memory costs $8.99. Ethernet networking and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n are also available. In order to attach USB 2.0 host port and other boards, the Pi Zero has extension pins and slots. The Pi Zero board supports Ubuntu, Debian, and Android (version 4.4 Kitkat).