6 Organizations transforming Smart Cities through Innovation

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6-_Organizations-_transforming-_Smart_-Cities-_through-_Innovation-300x200 6 Organizations transforming Smart Cities through InnovationWith several Partnerships with non-profits and foundations drive city innovation, government is getting the most out of their digital transformations through planning, engagement with residents and the help in measuring the impact of their investments. With limited resources and demands of day-to-day works, sometimes cities can be reactive to grant announcements or vendor pilot projects, leading to fragmented efforts.
This brought in several non-profit foundations and academic centres to focus on their efforts for supporting planning and development. Best practice guideline creations will help in cross-pollination between cities which will lead each area to expertise and focus in a particular direction. In this series some are grant-making organizations, while others receive grants from the federal government and foundations. This will bring together city departments and researchers to develop tools and new approaches. Here are a list of few organizations having a significant impact on smart cities developing across the country.
1. BLOOMBERG PHILANTHROPIES’ WHAT WORKS CITIES: they emphasis mainly on helping cities build capabilities that can be applied to all local issues and address them as and when required.

2. HARVARD KENNEDY SCHOOL GOVERNMENT PERFORMANCE LAB: helps in conducting research and holds national competitions to select government partners for technical assistance

3. JOHN S. AND JAMES L. KNIGHT FOUNDATION: it works for a real opportunity to bring the needs and preferences of the residents back to the centre of the conversation and engage more residents and show them the value of such works.

4. METROLAB NETWORK: shares an idea of institutionalized partnership between city and university and bring that to greater scale

5. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY CENTER FOR URBAN SCIENCE & PROGRESS: their mission is to develop tools of data science to help city agencies do what they do better

6. URBAN CENTER FOR COMPUTATION AND DATA: UrbanCCD focuses on urban measurement for exploiting new Internet-connected hardware and software towards helping cities measure their environments and operations.