6 qualities of Google Drive, Docs you might not know!

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6-_qualities_-of-_Google-_Drive_-Docs_-you_-might-_not-_know-300x146 6 qualities of Google Drive, Docs you might not know!You probably just think of Google as a search site before Gmail started an invite-only experiment, now has more than a billion active users. To fully explore what’s available out there, let’s just dive into some services that are fun extras which are overlooked before.
1. Access beyond text documents
Google Docs is more than just word processor; it’s an entire suite of programs that are more powerful providing a clear behind the text document accessibility through years of development.
2. Dictate to Google Docs
Yes, you can actually dictate a whole document! People with inabilities like visually impaired or missing limbs have difficulty in using a keyboard so, Voice recognition software in Google Docs will take dictation a microphone connected to your computer while using the Chrome browser. Now to see it yourself Go to the Tools menu >> select -Voice typing>>to get started.
3. Collaborate with others
Firstly look for the Share option >>invite people directly or get a shareable link to your document>> specify the collaborations functionality. To keep track of changes- go to the File menu >> select- Version history>> choose to name the version>> look for history to see who changed what and when. Collaboration works good with teams, but not with personal information around.
4. Translate an entire document
Head to the Tools menu>> select -Translate document>> choose language. With this Google will start translation in a separate document. Remember that machine translation may not be perfect though.
5. Translate through drawing
Head to Google Translate in your browser>> look for a drop-down menu at the bottom of the translation box>> select handwriting as the input tool>> you can write out a word or symbol of a different language to get a translation.
6. Google Lens
Open your Photos app>> choose an image>> select the icon similar to an incomplete square with a dot in the centre and a smaller dot in the lower right corner>>Lens will analyze the picture and later shows related search results as well.