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Elk Grove Village, IllinoisAmericanDigital-300x56 $7B FORTUNE 500 COMPANY CHOOSES AD FOR SAP MANAGED SERVICES PROVIDER– American Digital, a leading IT managed services provider, has earned its reputation over the last 30 years as the go-to partner for enterprise companies looking to deploy a forward-thinking IT strategy. During this time, it has evolved and innovated into a leading force in the IT space with its continually expanding managed services practice. This tremendous growth is founded on multiple successful deployments that have generated solid and lasting client relationships. Its latest acquisition is no exception, representing yet another multi-year custom managed services project valued at over $10M with the most recent extension.

American Digital will deliver its expertise and mission-critical support to this global organization by renewing their commitment to providing custom managed services to support the clients growing SAP environment. This support will ensure their in-house engineers are exclusively focused on their primary business priorities, which is designing and deploying new applications to improve logistics and supply chain management for their operations team.

When evaluating vendors, the company had clear expectations in mind. They wanted a custom managed service agreement designed to align with their existing business and corporate objectives. Specifically, they needed around-the-clock infrastructure coverage supporting their SAP environment including proactive support of all systems, applications, and hardware. Beyond this, they needed day-to-day Ops Management, the ability to increase capacity based on need, and the ability to develop scalable architecture. Finally, they wanted preemptive service, upgrades, and maintenance.

“American Digital is unlike any other vendor we have used in our history,” explained the company’s spokesperson. “Their attention to detail and ability to proactively remedy situations before they happen is unique. They pitched a managed service solution based on our current environment [detailing and outlining] and they have delivered on every promise.”

The partnership with American Digital drives many benefits as the client has been able to shrink headcount spend plus the cost and time associated with outages, which have been measurably reduced. All corrective actions have been completed in record time, and risk to daily business systems has reduced. Staff immediately acquired extra hours in their day to focus on internal customers and future strategies, and the entire organization benefited from the peace-of-mind in around-the-clock coverage. “American Digital is available to our team 24/7, and their level of competency and professionalism are valuable to any organization,” the company’s spokesperson continued. “We have had zero production outages over the past three years. The unmatched expertise of American Digital, coupled with our extreme level of satisfaction with their support services and dedicated team is why we chose to renew our agreement.”

“American Digital is built on our strong relationships with our vendors, our partners, and our clients,” states Norbert R. Wojcik Jr., President, and CEO of American Digital. “We aim to attack each new project with a clean slate. This means collaborating with each client to devise a custom strategy that meets their business goals while also offering both agility and scalability that prepares the client for future growth.”

Learn more about American Digital and its full solutions suite at www.americandigital.com.

About American Digital

American Digital is a Chicago-based Enterprise IT solutions partner focused on data center transformation. Our 30+ years of experience gives us a unique advantage – the ability to predict the needs of our clients while navigating constant developments in technology. Our focus is clear, building long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, reliability, and success. Our success is the result of delivering comprehensive IT services and solutions that embrace technology and empower people.

As an HP Enterprise Platinum Partner, American Digital provides custom system integration and consulting services across HPE’s complete enterprise portfolio of server, storage, and networking products. We also support business-critical applications including SAP, VMware, RedHat, Microsoft, Oracle, MEDITECH, Epic, and Ellucian.