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A Battery Storage Plant Is Tesla’s New And Largest Contract

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A-Battery-Storage-Plant-Is-Tesla’s-New-And-Largest-Contract-300x129 A Battery Storage Plant Is Tesla’s New And Largest ContractAfter the worst methane gas leak in America’s history left California utility search for new energy backup resources, Tesla has been given its largest contract for building a 20 MW (MegaWatt) battery storage capacity. The contract has been given by the SCE (Southern California Edison) with a vision that by the end of this year there should be a lithium-ion battery storage facility up and running.


Amit Ronen, director of Solar Institute at George Washington University said it is extraordinary that this facility is going to be constructed in just a few months, a technology fix that could never be simulated with fossil fuel-based infrastructure. Rapidly batteries are becoming an inexpensive and desirable explanation to meet loads of our modern day electricity grid showed this announcement today. The facility is going to cost around $40 to $45 million the same as another similar facility been developed by AltaGas Ltd. For SCE, although Tesla didn’t disclose the value of the contract.


After the Aliso Canyon Gas Storage facility was sealed post to a disastrous leak Tesla’s contract was encouraged. A legislative mandate needful for several utilities to appendage gas-fired power plants with battery storage plants.