A Brief about IoT and its devices

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Brief_-about_-IoT_-and-_its-_devices-300x150 A Brief about IoT and its devices
With an estimation of 20.4 billion Internet of Things devices being deployed by 2020, stated by Gartner proving that the fourth industrial revolution is dubbed .The connected devices are manufactured to enable and streamline every day activity we do. Now while considering Smart fridges, they are capable of ordering groceries even during shortages. A smart desk will help in alerting us whenever we are seated for a too long.

There is great scope for IoT to improve human life both personally as well as professionally. But let’s first consider that there will exist equally great scope of bad performers who will try to exploit vulnerabilities in the connected devices. Smart home, Wearables, Smart City, Smart grids, Industrial internet, connected car, Connected Health (Digital health/Telehealth/Telemedicine) and Smart retail just name it, and you find them in the list. With more number of devices joining the network, we should first employ best practices to eliminate IoT as a threat to have a secured productivity potential in the first place. Remember to always manage IoT devices frequently to have a secured identity and access management process. The best way to achieve this is by keeping a check on the potential threats or anomalies and then monitoring them.

Always remember that with thousands of IoT devices getting connected to a network everyday there are high chances of them to be breached. It just takes one poorly managed machine to inadvertently breach an entire organization.