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A Different Type Of E-Discovery Collection

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A-Different-Type-Of-E-Discovery-Collection-300x129 A Different Type Of E-Discovery CollectionIn producing, preserving and collecting emails, we have become skilled over a couple of decades. Utilize the API (Application Programming Interface) offered by the social media publishers is the basic idea so that all the public-facing info and associated metadata can be composed, which is a bonus if the reporting, searching and exporting information can be preserved. The desktop software that every litigator must include in their own technical tool set is X1 Social Discovery. 200 MB is required by the application only but in order to collect the visual content and the metadata about 100 GB of space is required. Using 1TB of external hard drive is recommended by the company.


The version 5 of the X1 Social Discovery released in July 2016 includes the Instagram, Tumbler and YouTube collection tools alongside Twitter and Facebook and emails clients such as IMAP, AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You can have as many cases as you want but at a given time, only one case can collect data once the investigator data is provided. For each social media source, there are ‘Collections’ under each case. To only collect publicly available information you have to use an Examiner account apart from the private and client accounts. The Examiner account is a dummy account which doesn’t have any connections whatsoever because they can interfere with the data collection.