A New Developed version of Propulsion system for Nano Satellites is designed by Engineers

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A_New_Developed-version_of-Propulsion_system-for_Nano_Satellites-is_designed-by_Engineers-300x201 A New Developed version of Propulsion system for Nano Satellites is designed by EngineersThe scientists from Inter-University Department of Space Research of Samara University developed a prototype of a propulsion system for the nanosatellite SamSat-M. This representation took place at IV International Conference for “Scientific and Technological Experiments on Automatic Space Vehicles and Small Satellites” (SPEXP) in Samara.

The newly designed propulsion system for the maneuvering nanosatellite SamSat-M is electro thermal, where it was developed using distilled water and ethyl alcohol for the functioning of the propulsion system and was implemented by a small mechanism where the molecular mass of water allows

The scientists also feel that one of the most major issues is the creation of a reliable and relatively cheap system for launching such devices into the orbit in addition to solving regular design tasks for development and to optimize the mass, dimensions and energy characteristics of nanosatellites. It can be resolved by the launch of nanosatellites by “piggyback payload” i.e; on board a large carrier satellite.

The developers also state that this newly developed engine can be equipped with any CubeSat space vehicle with the use of the propulsion system that greatly expands the capabilities of the nanosatellites. Here grouping of nanosatellites can study geophysical fields and also the layers of the earth like thermosphere and the ionosphere to predict natural disasters and to detect asteroid hazard. This newly developed innovative propulsion system constitutes a weight of 1.55 kg when fully loaded, here the total expected impulse of the speed is not less than 80 m / s and the liquid working body of the propulsion system is of the total mass of 450 grams when stored in a tank.