A New Survey Reveals More Americans Inclined Towards AI Development

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A_New-Survey-Reveals-More-Americans-Inclined-Towards-AI-development A New Survey Reveals More Americans Inclined Towards AI DevelopmentEven though Artificial Intelligence is disrupting everything, let it be war, jobs, or healthcare, a new survey reveals that folks in America are still in favor of the development of AI rather than actively opposing it. Organized by the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute revealed that respondents nearly 41 percent, strongly inclined towards the AI development, while 22 percent strongly opposed it.

According to the survey, AI as computer systems that can do tasks or makes decisions which typically require human intelligence. The survey outcomes would be a win for those who favored in development of AI, but not by a lot because the outcomes were also correlated with demographics. So, educated, young, and male groups were all more in favor of AI development. With 57 percent of college graduates, compared to 29 percent of individuals from high school educations or less, were in favor. The outcomes in demographics indicated that AI and automation can fuel social inequality. The report found that 82 percent of respondents agreed with the statement where AI and robots need careful management. But what forms this management might take was not defined, though when presented with innumerable governance challenges involving AI, responders ranked data privacy at the top that was closely followed by cyber attacks and autonomous weapons.

While commenting on accountability for putting restrictions on AI development, there was no specific answer. With 50 percent of the majority, responders believed university researchers, closely chased by the US military with 49 percent. Further 44 percent expressed tech companies, while 4 in 10 Americans do not trust in the company’s abilities.