A.P.I Role in the Public Cloud Security platforms

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The use of the cloud technology is now a mainstream and, despite some minor concerns, it is accepted widely that the public cloud is not insecure. In fact, in many cases, it is more secure than many other data centres.

We need to understand the facts that, Cloud security is not the only form of security required for systems and applications running in the cloud. VPN and WAF security are some of the common aspects of a cloud provider security model. This is also an important aspect of governance in which an API represents the key to the door and giving the key to the cloud provider. the focus of the cloud, which enables the connections and data sharing which allowed the cloud computing technology to be inherited across every technology.

API plays a crucial role in the widespread use of smartphones and tablets (and any other smart or connected devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches). The threats due to an exposed API are significantly growing. But they are the most overlooked threat for information security today. The only way to protect the data that is held in a public cloud is to install secure and safe API gateways inside the cloud itself by connecting to API security gateways. If the gateway is not secure by design at the point of its creation, then you will always be having new exploits that are inevitably discovered.

Taking these considerations there are many opportunities for a sensitive information that has been e-mailed, saved on a USB drive, or otherwise shared with colleagues to fall into the wrong hands. Comparing that to the same information being created, edited and saved in the cloud.