A Pocket-Sized Drone Is Being Tested By US Marines

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A-Pocket-Sized-Drone-Is-Being-Tested-By-US-Marines-300x129 A Pocket-Sized Drone Is Being Tested By US MarinesA drone small enough that can’t be spotted from the ground and yet carry 3 cameras to deliver the live feed of a hostile situation to the U.S. Marine Corps. The Marines can now have eyes on the spot from a mile away as the PD-100 (black hornet) can fly that far and can hover for 25 minutes. The antenna in PD-100 is more like a cable rather than a stiff stick.


At the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California, during the Marine Air-Ground Task Force Integrated Experiment known as MIX-16, a small drone Black Hornet flew for the test. The Cameras can be used for videography or photography depending on the necessity of the situation. One camera points down while one points straight ahead and in between there in one more fixed at 45 degrees.


The MIX-16 exercise is meant for testing the new technologies adopted by the Marines and how they might assist in real combat situation. But this, not the first time Black Hornet was used before it has been used by the British military in Afghanistan and it impressed them enough to make it a permanent part of the military kit.


Prox Dynamics a Norway-based technology company has designed this drone and the country’s Special Forces have ordered a unit with night vision capabilities.