A Report Finds Smart Speakers Reach 133 Million Global Installed Bases

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A-Report_Finds-Smart-Speakers-Reach-133-Million-Global-Installed-Bases A Report Finds Smart Speakers Reach 133 Million Global Installed BasesToday, as smart speakers are dominating the smart home market, the industry related to the tech progressively growing. According to a recent survey by and Voicify, the number of smart speaker owners of Artificial Intelligence-driven devices like Google Home, Amazon’s Echo, and Apple’s HomePod reached 66.4 billion in the U.S alone and 133 million worldwide this year. With these stats, the report highlighted that the rate of smart speakers growing year-over-year with a staggering rate of 39.8 percent.

Surveyed over 1,038 adults, the survey report revealed that the number of smart speakers per household rose from one to two in the same time frame. The report further showed that nearly 40 percent of smart speaker owners have multiple devices that are up from last year’s 34 percent. Moreover, 31 percent of the 19 million new owners recently bought two or more smart speakers, and general interest in smart speakers is on the rise. And of those who didn’t purchase any smart speakers yet, reported that they’ll buy their first device this year. As part of the survey, Amazon’s Echo portfolio keeps maintaining top rank in the smart speaker marketplace, with nearly 61.1 market share, down 11 percent year-over-year, compared with Google Home’s 23.9 percent, up 5.5 percent. Breaking those slices down by SKU, the Echo Dot at present dominating the market with a 31.4 percent share, followed by the Echo and Echo Plus with 23.2 percent, Google Home and Google Home Mini with 11.2 percent, the Echo Spot with 3.5 percent, the Echo Show with 3 percent, Home Hub with 1.2 percent, and Google Home Max with 1.2 percent.

Smart speakers weren’t the only smart device segment experiencing market growth. The study report noted that smart displays that are smart speakers with built-in screens also reached 13.2 percent adoption among smart speaker owners that are a massive uptick of 558 percent from 1.3 million to 8.7 million.