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ABA Blueprint, A One-Stop Shop For Small Firms

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ABA-Blueprint-A-One-Stop-Shop-For-Small-Firms-300x129 ABA Blueprint, A One-Stop Shop For Small FirmsABA Blueprint, a dynamic web tool developed by the American Bar Association that will provide access to a suite of service package to provide lawyers at lone and minor law firms help handle the intricacies of their legal practices. Lawyers and ABA members will have a quick and convenient way to search services and products that are indispensable to manage small size law practice was first announced by Linda Klein, president of ABA in August. From virtual assistant to insurance to technology for billing has been offered by the ABA Blueprint for the ABA members sheer rebates that in many circumstances will offset the price of ABA membership. The organizational burdens of running a law practice scratch intensely into the time they have to do what they like i.e. practicing law, lawyers, mostly lone practitioners and those in small firms have understood that.


ABA Blueprint is a one-stop shop for the lawyers in order to get the service they need is what they developed it for. Clio, a cloud-based law practice management software proposing a 25 percent rebate on its Boutique subscription and Ruby Receptionist, a virtual receptionist service offering a distinct “Solo Plan” that is distinctive to ABA Blueprint are some of the features offered by the suite.