Absolutdata embeds IBM Watson AI into their NAVIK AI platform

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Absolutdata-embeds-IBM-Watson-AI-into-their-NAVIK-AI-platform Absolutdata embeds IBM Watson AI into their NAVIK AI platformAbsolutdata, an Alameda, California-based leading data analytics firm, in a recent press release statement, on Tuesday, Feb. 19th, 2019, announced embedding IBM Watson services into their NAVIK AI Platform, in their bid to assist companies in building an Intelligence Stack across Sales and Marketing functions. The company claims that their Watson enhanced NAVIK AI Platform, by integrating data, analytics, and technology, optimizes decisions on an ongoing basis, eliminating the need of a data science team while the NAVIK AI Sales Solution drastically improves sales and marketing effectiveness. The Watson enhanced NAVIK AI Platform delivers benefits which include salesforce effectiveness, campaign management, customer targeting, and optimized decision making across multiple industries.

According to Dr. Anil Kaul, Co-founder, and CEO of Absolutdata, AI has the potential to transform businesses, and many of the company’s global clients are interested in achieving this business transformation, but they yet struggle with issues like the best approach to start, and how to get the promised scalable business impact. With IBM Watson AI, companies can achieve results quickly, economically and at a much larger scale acknowledged even by the board members. Adding further Dr. Kaul said that these are the early stages of companies building their intelligence stack and NAVIK can assist them in their quest for data intelligence by enabling its clients to develop a strategic long-lasting competitive advantage.