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ACCAN Launched An ADSL Mapping Service

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ACCAN-Launched-An-ADSL-Mapping-Service-300x129 ACCAN Launched An ADSL Mapping ServiceGet Connected, an ADSL mapping service has been announced by the ACCAN’s (Australian Communication Consumer Action Network) for consumers who are waiting for the NBN (National Broadband Network) to be rolled out of them. The reason that prevents them from accessing the ADSL network ACCAN will help the customers to understand and in this effort will stop complaints of users being unable to connect to the broadband.


Where their coverage is available kind of gaps which were left over by the telecommunication companies will be filled by the ACCAN’s mapping service. If the no ports are not available or exchange is too distant or is not ADSL enabled will be alerted to the customers. The customers will know without wasting any time to wait and talk to the customer care center what is wrong with their connection. This information center is also designed to help the customers to make a decision on what length of contract and what type of connectivity to obtain before the NBN start rolling out in their areas.


Teresa Corbin, CEO ACCAN said in a statement that those who are planning to move, this service will also help users inquire if the place they are moving to had any issue with the connection. ‘There is no ADSL connection in the new home’ is the kind of complaint they hear regularly from customers who have moved to new areas.