Access to high-speed internet is still a struggle to more than half of rural America

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Access_-to_-high-speed_-internet_-is_-still_-a_-struggle_-to-_more-_than_-half_-of_-rural_-America-300x225 Access to high-speed internet is still a struggle to more than half of rural AmericaHard to access high-speed internet in rural communities with more than Fifty-eight per cent of rural Americans find it difficult to access the fast internet. According to a blog post published by the Pew Research Centre nearly 24 percent of rural adults states this a major problem, while 34 percent states this a minor one problem .with trouble accessing high-speed internet makes economic divides evident in rural areas with one fifth of adults households who earn less than $30,000 a year and almost a quarter or23 per cent with annual income is $75,000 or more said high-speed internet is difficult to obtain excluding differences in educational background [ a factor.
Americans who habitat in rural areas consist of limited options when compared to people in cities who are accessible to broadband connections. The main reason behind the crisis being that only a handful of companies are ready to provide the service in rural neighbourhoods. With the push form, President Trump and his administration towards high-speed broadband in rural areas in January seemingly lacks behind, with no attempts made even to outline any specific broadband deployment or funding towards the betterment of the rural neighbourhoods
Last November, the Federal Communications Commission made an attempt to cut the Tribal Lifeline subsidy program which could actually take away vital telecommunications services from tribal populations stopped with an appeal in a court ruling out last month for halting the FCC cuts.
Lawmakers have also approached Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in April to help bring low-cost and free broadband service to rural areas in the US. To which Zuckerberg agreed later.