Acer Swift 7 Is The Thinnest Laptop In The Market


acer-swift-7 Acer Swift 7 Is The Thinnest Laptop In The MarketAcer today launched the Swift 7 the thinnest laptop ever build. Lately, the laptop manufacturer is barging for some of their models, which have barely the computing power when compared to some of the other models. However, these are not meant to be known for their computing power in the first place rather the compact form factor i.e. thinner, lighter.
While been compared to the HP Spectre’s 10.4 mm and Dell Adamo’s 10.16 mm thickness the Swift 7 is just 9.9 mm thick. When MacBook 12 is mentioned among these will be graded chunky at a, thickness. Premium design is another aspect that these new laptops have. The unibody Aluminum construction and black and gold finish with a weight of 2.48 pounds explains that.
The 13.3-inch screen of Swift 7 is 1080 p enabled, Gorilla glass for durability IPS technology for wide-angle visibility and the company’s own BluelightShield to reduce the strain on eyes. The Acer’s Swift 7 incorporates a Core i5 processor from Intel, a Solid State Drive of 256 GB, 8GB of RAM, USB C port, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Dolby Audio. The price of this laptop has been set to $1099 considering its premium features and design.