Aclaro Releases AI Loan Repayment Risk Management System 

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Aclaro_Releases-AI-Loan-Repayment-Risk-Management-System Aclaro Releases AI Loan Repayment Risk Management System Miami, Florida-based, the leading developer and provider of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain-based tech solutions, Aclaro introduced its latest Fin-tech app, AI Loan Repayment Risk Management System. The Loan Repayment Risk System designed to foresee the possibility of payment default of a subprime loan that was officially released on 10th December, last year.

The growing demand for AI and actionable solutions is converting several aspects of everyday business and customer activities and procedures. The company’s Risk Management solution utilizes Machine Learning algorithms to assess a borrower’s loan portfolio and optimizes AI and Big Data in order to compute a risk score for each lender in the portfolio. It contains key components like a full Web-based Business Intelligence Front End solution and a sub-second decision-making solution of an active loan. The risk management software combines over 100 individual variables linked with borrower’s loan period, insurance coverage, vehicle data, and service, but the company never uses their insights like name, social security numbers or credit scores from a Credit Bureau in any of its processes and income. The leading provider of AI-based solutions enables companies to capitalize their customer’s data to make smarter decisions, and it especially assists lenders to ascertain which borrowers are at risk of default.

CTO of Aclaró Inc, Farshad Fatouhi stated that with the release of the new risk management solution, the company is disrupting the status quo of the market by offering lenders the advanced technological tools they need to vie in today’s contemporary marketplace. Aclaro especially offers its AI and Blockchain-based technology to small and medium-sized businesses. Companies, with Aclaro’s tools, can better optimize their customer experience, better decisions, and progresses in efficiency and cost savings.