Actuate Announces Quointec LLC, its New Legal Tech Subsidiary to Provide AI-Optimized Legal Advice

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Actuate-Announces-Quointec-LLC-its-New-Legal-Tech-Subsidiary-to-Provide-AI-Optimized-Legal-Advice Actuate Announces Quointec LLC, its New Legal Tech Subsidiary to Provide AI-Optimized Legal AdviceActuate Law LLC, a law firm based in Chicago, in a recent statement on Friday, Jan. 18th 2019, announced the establishment of Quointec LLC, a technology and advisory company. Quointec will build AI-optimized legal expert solutions and other AI-driven tools in its bid to automate the delivery of legal and compliance services to meet client and industry demand for scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Quointec, powered by Actuate brings together the people, process, and technology capabilities from its strategic partners such as Thomson Reuters Legal Managed Services and Neota Logic, to create a Big Law experience. The combined results are nothing but refined and re-engineered legal services through collaborative and value-driven offerings in diverse practice areas such as corporate disclosure, data privacy and security, information governance, and health care.

According to Jeffrey Sharer, Quointec’s Chief Innovation Architect, Quointec interprets client’s voice and looks at the value stream for legal services from that key perspective alone. This approach helps them unbundle new opportunities, and enables them to come up with new solutions to enable clients quickly and affordably ‘self-serve’ for advice on straightforward legal issues and a guided legal-counsel for more complex matters.

As per Dara Tarkowski, Quointec’s Chief Innovation Strategist, the name Quointec is eponymous to its true purpose. As a ‘quoin’ in architecture resembles an arch keystone, Quointec’s innovative and collaborative tools resemble the technological keystones of superior solutions that strengthen and secures clients’ legal and compliance objectives.