Acute Care Community Norwalk Hospital Introduces Telestroke Program To Better Diagnose Stroke-Afflicted Patients

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Acute_Care-Community-Norwalk-Hospital-Introduces-Telestroke-Program-To-Better-Diagnose-Stroke-Afflicted-Patients Acute Care Community Norwalk Hospital Introduces Telestroke Program To Better Diagnose Stroke-Afflicted PatientsThe member of Western Connecticut Health Network (WCHN) in Connecticut, Norwalk Hospital has brought a telestroke program for neurologists that will allow them to remotely consult with emergency medicine clinicians and scrutinize patients, diagnose stroke and order treatment. Stroke, which indicates damage to the brain, is the 5th leading death cause in the United States, according to a report, and requiring treatment as quickly as possible that is grave to thwart severe brain damages and death. To prevent this disease earlier, the HIPAA-compliant communications equipment used for the service in order to support stimulate the assessment of potential stroke patients by a neurologist.

Since a stroke may arise at any time, whether it’s day or night, or a neurologist may not be at the health center when a suspected stroke patient enters the emergency department (ED). Hence, the Norwalk Hospital’s telestroke program speeds up the stroke evaluation from the neurologist, empowering an ED doctor or nurse to connect the patient remotely to a neurologist using a mobile telemedicine cart with audio and video capabilities. Afterward, the neurologist can speak with the patient and visually and physically examine the patient from top to bottom by controlling the camera remotely, and then decide whether tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is an appropriate treatment and communicate this to the ED physician.

As per the report, tPA must be delivered within four and a half hours of when the patient begins to show stroke symptoms in order to be the most effective and diminish the risk of complications from the medication. The telestroke service could assist in making the disparity in whether tPA is a viable treatment, and as telestroke could stimulate the treatment for stroke, the hospital noted that it would also still be important that someone go to the hospital as soon as stroke symptoms emerge.