ADT Announces Plans to Replace “Pulse” with “Command & Control” Platform

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ADT-Announces-Plans-to-Replace-“Pulse”-with-“Command-Control”-Platform1 ADT Announces Plans to Replace “Pulse” with “Command & Control” PlatformADT Inc., a Boca Raton, Florida-based alarm monitoring and security firm, as per recent reports last week, released its Q4 2018 results, revealing a $1.2 billion revenue, which is up 7% year over year.

But it seems the security firm is planning something big for 2019, ADT will be bidding adieu to its original Pulse platform, which was launched in 2010, and will be replacing it with the new “ADT Command and Control”, a wireless panel and app combo — with ”Command” being the alarm and automation panel, and “Control” the platform and app.

The company already made the product debut at the CES 2019 event, in Jan. 2019, and has installed an approx. 6,000 systems on a regional basis, and claims the product will be available nationwide but by the end of Mar. 2019.

According to Don Young, ADT CIO and EVP, Field Operations, Pulse had a good long run, with over 3 million happy ADT customers currently using the platform, but “as home automation continues to evolve and become more accessible, customers want and expect a security solution that is fully integrated with the latest technology innovations,” says Young.

The self-contained wireless Command panel boasts a 7-inch touchscreen and built-in camera, which can take a picture snap when the system is disarmed. The new ADT platform is compatible with over 250 devices out there in the market, ranging from carbon monoxide (CO) detectors to smart light bulbs. Furthermore, the panel supports scene controls configuration allowing triggering of several multiple subsystems at once.