Aeris partners Roambee on Cold Chain IoT Monitoring

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Aeris-partners-Roambee-on-Cold-Chain-IoT-Monitoring Aeris partners Roambee on Cold Chain IoT MonitoringAeris, a scalable, cost-effective, and secure IoT solutions provider, in a recent press release statement, announced its collaboration with Roambee Corporation, an IoT supply chain, and enterprise asset visibility company, in a bid to improve shipment and asset monitoring through IoT-based technologies for enterprises.

Roambee’s IoT-based real-time global condition monitoring and visibility services for in-transit goods and in-field assets, simplify global shipment visibility across the supply chain, which also includes the cold chain process. The asset visibility company’s patented software and hardware technology, combined with analytics, sensor data, predictive reporting and open application programming interfaces (APIs) increase return on investment (ROI), improve supply chain operations and reduce inventory loss. Aeris, on the other hand with its IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) solution offerings through its Aeris Mobility Platform (AMP) and Aeris Connectivity Platform (ACP), enables enterprises and OEMs to pave way for new opportunities; create new revenue streams, services; and build new business models through IoT.

With Aeris’ ACP platform, Roambee can manage its global data connectivity for shipping, asset, inventory, pallet, and fleet monitoring services. Thus giving Roambee an upper hand in enhancing its service delivery and improving the supply chain predictability and throughput for enterprises, along the way. With Roambee’s real-time monitoring solutions, managers have access to live real-time data and situational alerts, which further helps them eliminate risks along the cold chain before they arise, thus providing actionable business insights for the future. Roambee by leveraging the ACP, can eliminate late delivery risks; reduce spoilage and damage risks; lower theft and financial risk, and improve its overall delivery of service.