AEye Releases Its Advanced Product For The Autonomous Vehicle Marketplace

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AEye_Releases-Its-Advanced-Product-For-The-Autonomous-Vehicle-Marketplace AEye Releases Its Advanced Product For The Autonomous Vehicle MarketplaceAEye, the developer of iDAR and a leader in artificial perception systems, announced its most advanced product, dubbed AE110, for the automotive mobility marketplace. Developed on its most wide-ranging solid-state LiDAR patent portfolio, the AE110 features the industry’s only software-definable LiDAR that building an open platform for perception innovation that enables software engineers to optimizes data collection to meet their requirement.

The AE110 is based on iDAR, a new type of data collection solution that imitates how the visual cortex pre-processes and customizes insights sent to the brain. iDAR incorporates 2D camera pixels and 3D LiDAR voxels at the point of data acquisition to generate right color Dynamic Vixels, a new real-time sensor data type that delivers more precise, longer range and more intelligent insights faster to the car’s brain, or its route-planning system. The product has two key architectural benefits, the first one is the camera and LiDAR are compound, and it’s only LiDAR system that is totally software-enabled. Therefore, the AE110 delivers high-quality insights faster to route-planning systems, utilizing significantly less power.

VP of product management at AEye, Aravind Ratnam stated that the AE110 sets a new bar for what perception systems are capable of. By utilizing an agile, software-definable LiDAR, the AE110 is able to accumulate 4-8 times the information of a fixed pattern LiDAR, deploying eighth of the points. Efficiency, speed, and precision are keys to perception, and the AE110 delivers all three at unprecedented layers at a very attractive cost point.