Agro AI Receives Clearance To Test Its Self-Driving Cars On California Roads

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Agro_AI-Receives-Clearance-To-Test-Its-Self-Driving-Cars-On-California-Roads Agro AI Receives Clearance To Test Its Self-Driving Cars On California RoadsAgro AI, Pittsburg-based driverless vehicle startup, has received a permit for its autonomous cars trials on California roads. The approval was issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Founded by former executives from self-driving teams at Google and Uber, has a close bond with Ford that said in February 2017 it would invest USD1 billion in this startup over the next five years to support it to reach its goals of producing an autonomous vehicle fleet.

After to the USD1 billion it set aside for Argo AI, Ford earmarked USD4 billion in July 2018 for a new unit, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, housing its autonomous vehicle operations, including its self-driving vehicle research, engineering, and systems integration, along with business strategy and development. Currently, Agro AI is piloting its autonomous systems in Miami and Detroit, as well as planning to expand tests to Washington, D.C. in the coming months. Agro AI’s autonomous system that involves sensors such as camera, radar, and LiDAR, together with software and a tailored compute platform; the other is building and maintain high-definition maps of the roads on its cars.

Argo AI was founded on a deep knowledge of robotics and wide-ranging experience to develop autonomous technologies for real-world applications. It aims to improve the way the world moves by making rides safer, convenient, more affordable, and easily reached for everyone, regardless of age or ability to get behind the wheel. By uniting with academic communities and trusted automakers, Agro AI bringing the latest improvements in Machine Learning and computer vision with over 100 years of hardware development, safety engineering, and manufacturing expertise.