AHIMA And AHCA Join Force To Offer In-Depth CDI Training Program For New Patient Driven Payment Model

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AHIMA-And-AHCA_Join-Force-To-Offer-In-Depth-CDI-Training-Program-For-New-Patient-Driven-Payment-Model AHIMA And AHCA Join Force To Offer In-Depth CDI Training Program For New Patient Driven Payment ModelThe American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), a professional association for health professionals has collaborated with a non-profit federation of affiliated state health organizations, the American Health Care Association (AHCA). The partnership aimed at offering in-depth coding and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) training programs, as well as to assist professionals in skilled nursing facilities (SNF) prepare for the upcoming payment reimbursement change. However, in the earlier October 2019, the CMI (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) will change the reimbursement model for SNFs to a new, value-based Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM). Afterward, it will require CDI skillsets and knowledge of ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes in order to precisely support the qualifying stay and demonstrate the need for care and treatment best suited for each patient.

In this regard, AHCA enlisted AHIMA to help out in developing in-depth coding and CDI education courses to support prepare SNF providers for the major payment overhaul. In that course two options are included, where the first offer webinars for coding in ICD-10-CM and requirements in CDI case studies and concludes with a 50-question assessment, while the second is a shorter course for non-coders that comprises a webinar with a high-level review and basic information on ICD-10-CM coding guidelines to provide an introduction to the PDPM reimbursement model. Both courses offer AHIMA CEUs and CNE contact hours, as well as the non-coder course,  provides NAB continuing education credits.

Ahead of this collaboration, AHCA/NCAL COO and Senior Vice President, Member Services Jennifer Shimer said that ICD-10 is a driving force behind the new PDPM payment system for skilled nursing care. She further added that AHCA partnered with AHIMA to develop the best ICD-10 curriculum possible to prepare our members for this massive Medicare payment change. Moving forward, the courses will also assist SNFs evaluates coding and diagnostic perspectives when spotting high-quality clinical documentation and classifies SNFs into suitable clinical categories as defined by the PDPM.