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AI And Research Group Announced By Microsoft

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AI-And-Research-Group-Announced-By-Microsoft-300x129 AI And Research Group Announced By MicrosoftMicrosoft reportedly has formed an AI and Research Group led by tech visionary Harry Shum on 29 September. The announcement showed up just 24 hours after a non-profit partnership between Google/DeepMind, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM to formulate best practice in response to the opportunities and challenges around the growing field. Currently not including Apple this partnership will summons scholars and experts in policy and ethics to join the board of companies. Both non-corporate and corporate will be given equal representation.


Publish research under an open license, recommend the best practice and conduct research in areas such as transparency, privacy, ethics, fairness and inclusive is what the organizations will conduct research on. Robustness of the technology, a collaboration between people and AI systems, trustworthiness etc. were also included. However, they are not intent to lobby policy makers or the government. More than 5,000 engineers and computer scientists will be focusing on the company’s AI product effort with the Microsoft’s AI and Research Group. New AI solutions across the services, agents, infrastructure and apps will be delivered in an accelerated manner.


As the legal sector increasingly sees the benefit of machine learning tool application to areas such as results, even though the sector suggestively lags the consumer and retail sector and speeding up the due thoroughness process and appraising litigation performance.