AI emerges as Cyber Security’s Silver Bullet

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AI_emerges_as_Cyber_Security’s_Silver_Bullet-300x225 AI emerges as Cyber Security’s Silver BulletArtificial Intelligence creates the hope for everyone regardless of the various sectors and is emerging as a great source. Cyber Security now targets AI so that criminals who run cybercriminal businesses also are capable of using the AI to commit crimes. It’s logical that if one person is smart enough to develop cyber protection technologies that utilize AI, then thoughtful, creative criminals can use AI to penetrate those AI-created protections.

AI in Cybersecurity:
Machine learning is a computer’s ability to identify objects whereas Artificial intelligence is a computer’s ability to mimic human understanding. Machine learning becomes very beneficial if AI is implemented and deployed in the field of cybersecurity detection systems that enable the system to learn or watch as per the need.

Enthusiasm towards advanced AI:
Tomas Honzak, director of security and compliance at Good Data stated that AI definitely has relevant advantages for cybersecurity,” AI has its limitations like the remaining technologies.

AI has the same learning curve as a human intelligence and it is very clear to notice that have something or make a mistake before it can learn. “Even the time malware is detected AI it is rectified and security already has been compromised and without creating any damage. When AI sees something abnormal, it may not react instantly to the change in time to block the action or activity where the limitation of AI plays a key role.

When the company’s started using AI, certainly there will be Attackers using the same types of tools to ensure their malware software will bypass commercial antivirus products and to address this and run software anti-virus come in a “sandbox” to test whether the malware is affected or not.
Finally, the researchers of AI hope to ensure a limitless AI implementation in various fields that contribute to the advanced mechanism in all sectors, particularly in cybersecurity.