AI Equipped With Destructive Powers –Boon or Bane?

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AI_Equipped-With-Destructive-Powers-–Boon-or-Bane AI Equipped With Destructive Powers –Boon or Bane?As businesses, these days, are competing for each other to lead the evolving technology race and the futuristic warfare combat zone, Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming the center of the global power play. Even, AI is leading the companies toward a new algorithmic warfare battlefield that has no limitations or boundaries, may or may not have involvement of human, and will be difficult to understand and control across the human environment in CGS (Cyberspace, Geospace, and Space).

The intention of the weaponization of AI where a weapon system, once activated across CGS, can pick and engage human and non-human targets without further interference by a human operator, is creating great fear.  While AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning develop further and shifts from notion to commercialization, the rapid stepping up in computing power, memory, Big Data, and high-speed communication is not only making innovation, investment and application frenzy, but is also fueling the hunt for AI chips. This continuing rapid growth indicates that AI is on its way to revolutionizing warfare and that nations are undoubtedly going to keep on developing the automated weapons system that AI will make possible.  While countries alone and collectively hasten their attempts to achieve a cutthroat advantage in science and technology, the further weaponization of AI is inevitable.

The progressive development of AI weaponization is apparent across the board, from navigating and using unmanned naval, aerial, and terrain vehicles, to creating collateral-dent estimations, fire-and-forget missile systems and utilizing immobile systems to automate everything from personnel systems and equipment maintenance to the employment of surveillance drones, robots and more. Though, Autonomous Weapons Systems are supposed to offer opportunities for lessening the operating expenses of weapons system, specifically through a more competent use of manpower, and will likely allow weapon systems to gain superior pace, precision, persistence, reach and coordination on the CGS battlefield, the need for recognizing and weighing up the technological, legal, economic, societal and security issues still remains.