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AI-Focused Funding Launched By Microsoft

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AI-Focused-Funding-Launched-By-Microsoft-300x129 AI-Focused Funding Launched By MicrosoftWith a signal that the parent company is focusing on emerging technologies, Microsoft Ventures has launched an artificial intelligence investment fund. Element AI is also funded by the VC arm of Microsoft. Corporate vice president of Microsoft Ventures NagrajKashyap said in a blog being an incubator to help organizations grip an AI-first strategy. He added to improve society by tackling world’s biggest problems and augmenting human capabilities AI holds great promises. The company will be making investments in the startups those are responsibly harnessing the power of AI to empower people and business. Improve the competencies of existing workforces and improve the treatment of diseases and increase access to education teach new skills and create new jobs are a few rolls that the funded companies will be undertaking while helping people and machines work together. However, the size of the new AI fund was not disclosed.


Counting Tact, a sales practice platform designed to renovate a salesperson’s linked device into an AI-powered smart assistant, Microsoft Ventures has capitalized in 19 companies since its inauguration in May. An asset firm dedicated to early-stage investments in Israeli internet of things startups i3 Equity Partners is also included in the list of companies invested. AI was been made a major company focus in recent years by Microsoft.