AI Is Advancing Patient Care And Lowering The Costs

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AI_Is-Advancing-Patient-Care-And-Lowering-The-Costs AI Is Advancing Patient Care And Lowering The CostsAs technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and automation are starting to take shape and ensuring to revolutionize healthcare and biotechnology, market research firm Frost & Sullivan predicted that AI alone could create USD 6.7 billion in revenue from global healthcare by 2021.

Spoke at the recent first annual Partnership for Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and Robotics in Healthcare (PATH) Summit, some of the frontrunning scientists and physicians, who have worked toward advances in AI and robotics for decades, conveyed a discrete message. They said as these improved technologies become incorporated into healthcare and biotechnology there will be a major transformation in the development and delivery of medicine resulting in accurate outcomes, amplified productivity, and wider distribution. It indicated that caretakers, doctors, systems, and research institutes who don’t leverage this new wave of technology will be sure left behind.

Introduced by founding CEO of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), Jonathan Linkous, and Mary Ann Liebert, publisher & CEO of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN), PATH is a mission-driven, membership-based group that aimed to bring together all stakeholders concerned towards the advancement of AI, automation, and robotics. It is designed to assist guide policy related to its use and to promote its integration into health systems. The official journal of PATH knows as Healthcare Transformation, converges on the most significant technological innovations in AI, automation, and robotics, moving the field beyond research to allow the most effective use of medicine in the global ecosystem.