AI Tech Predictions In Healthcare For 2019

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AI_Tech_Predictions_In_Healthcare-Sector_For_2019 AI Tech Predictions In Healthcare For 2019Artificial Intelligence technologies are nearly unavoidable in the healthcare space these days. AI is starting to shift past its sci-fi status of job-destroying kind of thing and Machine Learning algorithms are simply becoming an integral part of the everyday applications and systems that encompass the modern tech experience.

Clients are typically open to the idea that AI might play a crucial role in healthcare decision-making for solemn conditions like cancer and are willing to believe that algorithmic decision support will visibly help in the delivery of high-quality care. A 2017 survey report from Japan’s Nomura Research Institute unveiled that Americans are even more likely than customers in other developed countries like Germany and Japan, beliefs on robotic assistants to play a key role in nursing and medical services. The poll found that 17 percent of Americans, compared to 12-percent of Japanese and 13-percent of Germans, would immensely want to utilize robots to support nursing care. While 12-percent of US consumers, compared to just 7-percent and 8-percent of Japanese and Germans respectively, want to perceive robots integrated into the delivery of medical services. As per the recent survey by Intel and Convergys Analytics, responding on whether they are truly on board with the idea of having an AI colleague or not, over half of the US healthcare officials consider that extensive espousal of Machine Learning is inevitable within the next five years.

AI tools are already showing their potential in high-value areas like clinical decision support, imaging diagnostics, and risk scoring, and the first wave of modern AI tools for many of these applications is now receiving FDA authorization for commercialization and sale. EHR developers (Electronic Health Report) are also shifting very hastily to add AI to their products, identifying that advanced AI is a striking selling point for businesses who want to secure a position on the cutting-edge of health IT sector.