AI would provide more resources to Agencies to advance their workforce

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AI_would_provide_more_resources_to_Agencies_to_advance_their_workforce-300x162 AI would provide more resources to Agencies to advance their workforce
AI in Government Act would offer resources for Federal agencies to start searching how Artificial Intelligence might play an effective role in their workplace. Agencies might need to get solemn on adopting AI under the bill that was introduced this week. The bill entails the General Services Administration to bring more AI experts on the panel and conduct original research on Federal AI policy.
It might also set up a board of experts who would direct agencies on AI implementation and assist them to conquer the hurdles in adoption.

In a statement, Senator Brian Schatz pointed out that if the government will not creating these technologies, the US won’t make the worldwide competitive edge in AI. This bill may provide the federal government with the resources it requires to employ specialists to do research and work across federal agencies and to use AI technologies in smart and efficient ways. The Office of Management and financial system would be needed to combine AI within the federal data strategy and expanding the plan for investing and executing the technology across the government agencies.

The Office of Personnel Management would also require analyzing the skills which needed to use AI in the federal workforce and make a new occupational series for AI experts probably. Artificial intelligence has captured the central stage in Capitol Hill this week while lawmakers have to seek out to examine how the U.S. will strengthen its leadership in the promising technology.