Ajax Health raises $85m in Venture Funding

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Ajax-Health-raises-85m-in-Venture-Funding Ajax Health raises $85m in Venture FundingAjax Health, a Menlo Park, California-based medtech fund, in a recent statement this week, announced raising $85 million in venture funding. The funding round was led by HealthQuest Capital, a Belmont, California-based venture capital and private equity firm that provides capital to healthcare entrepreneurs, and was participated by Aisling Capital and Polaris Partners. The Menlo Park-based Ajax plans on utilizing these funds to strategically operate and expand its help towards manufacturers of innovative medical devices.

“Ajax Health approaches medical device innovation in a novel way, applying best-in-class strategies to pinpoint technologies with the greatest opportunity to take off, then rapidly developing them into a fully integrated business,” mentioned Garheng Kong, MD, Ph.D., HealthQuest’s founder and managing partner. “Ajax Health’s proven executive team, led by Duke Rohlen, Doug Koo and Aftab Kherani, has shown an exceptional ability to develop medical technologies successfully and cost efficiently.”

Ajax Health plans on seeking disruptive technologies in the medical device market space and business models creating values with high-exit demand potential which guarantee returns within 48 months. The innovative core teams leading these companies should possess a strategic combination of market, technical, and execution experience, which the Ajax Health team will then integrate with to complement and support that of the medical device companies.

“I am extremely grateful to our partners HealthQuest, Aisling and Polaris for backing Ajax II,” stated Rohlen. “These firms have been exceptional partners for a long time and I look forward to working with them again.”