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Alexa Can Control NeatoBotvac

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Alexa-Can-Control-NeatoBotvac-300x129 Alexa Can Control NeatoBotvacNeato has launched a robotic vacuum cleaner that can take voice commands through Alexa. This move was encouraged by the increasing interest of consumers in smart devices. In order to enable the voice skills, users have to search for a simple command inside the Smart Home skills that are part of the Alexa mobile app. Start, stop, pause and resume are the four different commands that are incorporated into the Neato for Alexa to control it. This means the user do not have to dedicate time for the task. In order to clean effectively, the vacuum bot uses continues room mapping, laser scanning, and object detection, all of which are patented. The smart bot returns when it charging and resumes where it left off. It can also navigate in eh dark and changes direction when it detects any obstacle.


While compared to any other equivalent product in the market the Neato can collect more dust and cover broader areas. To be more effective the D-shape of the device helps a lot. Scheduled cleaning and different cleaning modes are likely to be added while looking to the future. The company is looking forward to adding the Alexa support to its other models as well. The Botvac retails at a $699 as a Black Friday deal.