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Alexa Can Now Be Your Kitchen Assistant

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Alexa-Can-Now-Be-Your-Kitchen-Assistant-300x168 Alexa Can Now Be Your Kitchen AssistantCooking was never been so popular but thanks to the television chefs and their immensely popular televised competition shows, it is now. Cooking a meal in a chef’s attire from scratch has become a popular spectator show nowadays. MasterChef, Master Junior and ChefHell’s Kitchen like shows are renewed every year and as a result, more and more kids are spending time in the kitchen rather risking a concussion on the grid. Well, parents are loving it. No, we are not going to talk about cooking and kitchen. The reason for the introduction is for Amazon’s Echo. Hands-free information on topics like sports, news, weather, streaming music etc. is provided by the Alexa, a cloud-based service to which the Echo and Echo Dot are connected. Based on Allrecipes, a recipe-based website another skill has been added to Alexa’s database.


The new addition enables users to ask Alexa about what can be made with some ingredients that are present at home or a quick meal to make etc. the hands-free nature of the Echo and Echo Dot will be a boon in disguise for a chef. The step-by-step instructions will be provided by the two devices once a recipe was confirmed by the user. The devices will be providing information based on the time required for the recipe to finish.