Algorithm To Encode Message In Music By Polish Researcher

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Algorithm-To-Encode-Message-In-Music-By-Polish-Researcher-300x129 Algorithm To Encode Message In Music By Polish ResearcherThe subtlety varying the tempo of a certain king of dance music a Polish researcher managed to encode information in the music that is completely inaudible to the normal listeners. Backmasking is a technique that is been used to embed secret messages in music notes for a while now. Ibiza is kind of a dance music which is used to hide information using an algorithm known as Steglebiza. The Ibiza music is characterized by its trance-like beats.


Krzysztof Szczypiorski from Poland’s Warsaw University of Technology, made use of to encode information. The dots and dashes used in Morse code which represents letters are instead been converted to the slow or fast tempo of a particular beat is the approach embraced by Szczypiorski.


Lily was here” by David A. Stewart and Candy Dulfer; “Miracle” by Queen; “Rhythm is a dancer” by Snap!; “So what” by Miles Davis; and “You were the heart’s beat” by Andrzej Zaucha are the five covers he worked on with the Apple’s Logic X Pro music production software to prove his concept.


Hip-hop, trance and techno styles were arranged without vocals with the available instruments in Apple’s software. Then the message “stenography is a dancer!” was embedded in each song randomly by Szczypiorski.