Alibaba Cloud Has Launched Its Serverless, Interactive Query Service This Week

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Alibaba-_Cloud-_Has_-Launched_-Its-_Serverless_-Interactive-_Query-_Service_-This_-Week Alibaba Cloud Has Launched Its Serverless, Interactive Query Service This WeekAlibaba Cloud has recently announced its latest Data Lakes Analytics (DLA) service which will simplify the way customers will analyze data stored in the cloud. DLA is basically a serverless interactive query service which will host on the cloud platform by deriving insights from the customers’ cloud storage data along with the data lake scenario.

Data Lake is fundamentally a storage repository which will store huge amounts of raw data in its native format. They do not rely on a traditional hierarchical storage model, but instead, Alibaba DLA uses serverless architecture relies on a zero infrastructure setup for an upfront cost. To understand easily, DLA is fully compatible with SQL (Standard Query Language) syntax, where services derive a primary analytics power. This shows that the DLA, enterprises will send SQL queries as an input to get returns back to the user. This is used by Alibaba Cloud services to store objects in OSS, Table Store, and relational data from their relational data services. End users will have to choose and explore datasets to analyze and compare data across different sources. In addition, it also works with a number of business intelligence tools for visualizing the data and derives insights. This will support business tool and products to open database connectivity and Java database connectivity connections.

Alibaba Cloud has released this new platform this week in its Southeast Asia, Asia, and Europe centers. It further intends to launch it in its North America and Australia centers soon.