Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital Moves To Epic EHR To Optimize Interoperability

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Alice_Peck-Day-Memorial-Hospital-Moves-To-Epic-EHR-To-Optimize-Interoperability Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital Moves To Epic EHR To Optimize InteroperabilityAlice Peck Day (APD) Memorial Hospital based in New Hampshire is planning to switch to a new Epic EHR implementation to gain interoperability with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC), which also utilizes an Epic system. The new system, named eD-H, will connect APD Memorial Hospital’s clinical and hospital systems and allow interoperability with care facilities part of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health (DHH). It will also connect APD patients’ clinical and ambulatory care health information for a longitudinal medical record.

On this transition towards a new Epic EHR system, APD President and CEO Sue Mooney commented that “This transition to eD-H provides the foundation for APD’s future.” According to him, “It will not only improve the care of our patients, but allow APD to work with D-HH to identify new opportunities to provide services that our patients and the community desire.” With the new system, patients will have access to digital appointment reminders and requests, online access to request prescription renewals, and access to lab and test results. Moreover, the new system will make patients’ health information accessible to their care teams at DHMC, Community Group practices, and Cheshire Medical Center.

In 2018, DHMC received a USD9 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to utilize its Epic EHR system to contribute to research into advancing cancer care. Moving forward, NIH and the Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot initiative will also fund the consortium, called the SIMPRO Research Center, to integrate the utilization of electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePROs) into oncology care. Recently, in a KLAS 2019 Interoperability report, Epic was named as one of the best at displaying unstructured data such as labs and physician notes in a usable format in the EHR interface.