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All-In-One Outsourced Service For Bars Dubbed TotalCounselNow

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All-In-One-Outsourced-Service-For-Bars-Dubbed-TotalCounselNow-300x129 All-In-One Outsourced Service For Bars Dubbed TotalCounselNowAs the Bar turn out to be more fractured, with many barristers taking on work directly from the public and working alone, outsourced digital transcript and call handling supplier ServicesNowGroup has launched a dedicated resource for the Bar called TotalCounselNow. Including copy typing, transcription, reception service, call handling, diary management and fee management services will be provided by the TotalCouncelNow to support individual chambers or barristers. The clerks and legal secretaries handle calls in the UK on a pay-as-you-go basis. This model has proved appealing in the wider legal sector. Maxine Park, Solicitor, and Co-Founder of the IOS certified provider ServiceNowGroup mentioned in a statement that they comprehend the legal sector and the kind of pressure it is facing in order to improve productivity and competence at the same time keeping the cost under control.


Shaped by the efforts of the Bar Standards Board in seeking ways public access to barristers will be provided by the new range of services from ServiceNowGroup. Working from a small office or home and accept instructions directly from commercial organizations or members of the public. Handling phone calls, typing documents, managing appointments etc. can be done easily by us while the barrister was involved in a complicated case.