AllianceBernstein taps OpenFin for new Finance OS


AllianceBernstein-taps-OpenFin-for-new-Finance-OS AllianceBernstein taps OpenFin for new Finance OSAllianceBernstein, a New York, NY-based global asset management firm, as per recent reports this week, has announced selecting OpenFin, a New York, NY-based leading provider of HTML5 runtime technology for the financial industry, to help accelerate their digital transformation strategy.

The NY-based Alliance plans on upgrading its desktop technology infrastructure, to ensure easy integration and interoperability with legacy and third-party applications without the need to rewrite legacy code.

Michael Herskovitz, Co-Head of Technology & Operations at AllianceBernstein, says, “We have a very clear, firm-wide strategy to modernize our technology infrastructure, which will improve trader workflows and ensure that we can efficiently leverage innovative third-party apps coming to market.”

Adding further, he says, “Through extensive due diligence we determined the best way for us to achieve our strategy was to collaborate with OpenFin. Building on OpenFin’s OS makes sure integration and interoperability between our existing applications, as well as a number of third-party apps, makes our workflows more efficient.”

The NY-based asset management platform is actively migrating .NET and legacy applications onto the OpenFin OS, thus further advancing their movement towards web technology. Moreover, the firm claims that by giving its traders the ability to interact with both internal and external applications, it will enable them to develop more efficient workflows and make better use of their existing trading tools.