Alooma Releases White Paper To Aid Businesses In Accessing The Full Potential Of IoT Data

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Alooma_Releases_White_Paper-To-Aid-Businesses-In-Accessing-The-Full-Potential-Of-IoT-Data Alooma Releases White Paper To Aid Businesses In Accessing The Full Potential Of IoT DataAlooma, a data pipeline company, recently on Thursday, Jan. 3rd 2019, released a new white paper titled “Managing the IoT Data Explosion: Effectively mobilizing data in the age of IoT,” in an attempt to help organizations of any size, from small to medium to large, use the full potential of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to their own strategic advantage.

With estimations of the global IoT market reaching over $450 billion by 2020, entities all around the globe are poised to achieve a lot through data, which eventually can transform their businesses, but with this data hoard, comes real challenges. The rate at which entities are amassing data often brings with it higher levels of complexity and urgency, which organizations with limited resources can’t tackle.

Thus, to keep an accelerated pace with the burgeoning data, companies need innovative ways, to tackle it in totality, because the data companies missed to interpret is the data lost to the competition. The published new white paper addresses all data growth-related issues and concerns which acts as barriers in the company’s data management. The white paper also addresses the lack of internal expertise and increased security issues. Despite these data challenges, the white paper also highlights the opportunities IoT brings, i.e. deeper, and detailed molecular intelligence to help organizations make faster and smarter business choices.

According to Tasha Reasor, VP of Marketing at Alooma, the company being in the business of data management, recognizes the potential IoT has. Companies are on a constant hunt for new and innovative ways to utilize the IoT tech, whether it’s to improve their customer service, control costs, or find ways to be efficient. But it’s rather difficult to put all that into motion without the right set of tools and techniques that can help organizations access the full potential of their data.