Alpha Communications unveils New AlphaTouch Smart Video Intercom System

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Alpha-Communications-unveils-New-AlphaTouch-Smart-Video-Intercom-System Alpha Communications unveils New AlphaTouch Smart Video Intercom SystemAlpha Communications, a Farmingdale, New York-based manufacturer of intercom products, as per recent reports this week, has unveiled its AlphaTouch multi-family smartphone video intercom system.

The video intercom system is specifically designed for multi-residential, student housing, and commercial building installations, offering RMR (recurring monthly revenue) opportunity for installing dealers. The company’s AlphaTouch system, which is an IP-based, Cloud-hosted, smart video intercom system, enables residents to visually communicate with visitors, and allows them entry through the door, using the AlphaTouch app on their smartphone.

The AlphaTouch system, at its core, features one or more 7.0” touchscreen door entry stations, offering audio and visual call capabilities, thus completely eliminating the need for video intercom monitors and the associated wiring, labor, and power supply requirements.

Each visitor can place a call to a resident or enter an access code or use a proximity tag/fob, the AlphaTouch system will then take a picture snap of the visitor and timestamp the image with date, time, resident being called, and the door strike is activated or not credentials. This recorded visitor call log can later be accessed by the authorities if needed, should there be a security incident in the building.

The AlphaTouch Smartphone app is available at both Google Play Store and Apple App Store and will be updated in the near future with additional new features and capabilities, according to the company.