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Altiscale Acquired By SAP News Confirmed

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Altiscale-Acquired-By-SAP-News-Confirmed-300x129 Altiscale Acquired By SAP News ConfirmedAltiscale, a Big Data startup was acquired by SAP on Tuesday. Until today, SAP has neither confirmed nor denied about the acquisition of the Palo-Alto based startup, which was initially reported in August. SAP intends to incorporate the Altiscale’s BDaaS (Big Data as a Service) into its portfolio. SAP confirmed that the deal is now closed but details are not provided. However, the company said Altiscale is going to operate focusing on BDaaS from SAP.


Competing with the Microsoft HDInight, Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce and Google Cloud Dataproc the startup Altiscale focusses in cloud-based Hadoop and Spark services. SAP will have the ability to provide high-scale data service while decreasing the necessity for clients to search for third-party vendors with this acquisition. Including IoT analytics, LoB cloud app, SAP HANA cloud platform and business networks a bunch of strategic initiatives is also anticipated by SAP with the Altiscale acquisition. Considering SAP, share their overall focus of helping enterprise successfully leverage Big Data and derive business value from data, Altiscale is a natural fit for the company. Altiscale being a leader in Big Data as a Service on Spark and Hadoop, it allows SAP to drive end-to-end value in Big Data through the analytics, data platform, PaaS, technology and application stack.