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Altus Intelligences Survey Drone Has Triple Safety Features

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Altus-Intelligences-Survey-Drone-Has-Triple-Safety-Features-300x129 Altus Intelligences Survey Drone Has Triple Safety FeaturesThe $39,000 drones made by Altus Intelligence, a New Zealand based drone manufacturer wants to confirm that its drones don’t end up as rubble.Altus’ clients mostly use the flagship LRX (Long Range Extreme Weather) drones. The LRX was used for mapping and surveying of the engineering and construction works with its three separate fail-safe system coming to aid. If one GPS unit fails, the other two will take over in the triple autopilot design. Similarly, the eight independently motored propeller system ensure the LRX remains in flight even if one propeller fails. Intel when revealed its Falcon 8+ commercial drone back in October, the above-mentioned features is what the company made big deal out of. Nevertheless, Altus takes the safety features of a drone to a step further.


CEO of Altus Intelligence Simon Morrissaid they have their own patented ballistic emergency parachute system. The parachute act as a last safety measure meaning if all the other safety and redundancy features fail the parachute will come in handy. The parachute is strong enough to catch the drone at a height as low as 25 feet and compressed air is used instead of explosives or springs to deploy the parachute.