Alula announces BAT-Connect Communicator to Upgrade Legacy Alarm Systems

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Alula-announces-BAT-Connect-Communicator-to-Upgrade-Legacy-Alarm-Systems Alula announces BAT-Connect Communicator to Upgrade Legacy Alarm SystemsAlula, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based leader in unified smart security, in a recent press release statement earlier this month, revealed the BAT-Connect Communicator, the company’s latest addition to its arsenal of smart security offerings – a device that is capable of upgrading the legacy security platforms to modernize the mobile experience.

The intuitive BAT-Connect that goes much beyond solving the looming problem of the CDMA network sunset, enables security professionals to offer a modernized experience to their customers by smartly bridging intrusion security, video, and automation with the Alula iOS or Android App. The BAT-Connect that utilizes the encrypted and blazingly fast Alula network, delivers instant system control to the smart devices that are already in use and loved by customers. Furthermore, Alula claims that upgrading the age-old security systems will not only enable dealers to clock in more recurring monthly revenue but will also enable them to retain more accounts. The BAT-Connect Communicator, with IP as its first form of communication and cell as an optional backup, is a step further and is not at the same level of vulnerability to sunsets as cell-only communicators.

“Our progressive partners are seeking efficient and cost-effective solutions to take over legacy systems that require an upgrade,” stated Brian McLaughlin, CEO of Alula. “The BAT-Connect combines the latest cellular, Ethernet and Wi-Fi technologies into one device, delivering the most innovative and versatile communicator in the industry.”

According to Alula, with this new communicator, professional security and automation service providers can save a lot on installation times and can further simplify their operations by streamlining their takeover business. BAT-Connect, with the same Connect+ panel tools and app-driven interface offering, delivers a single unified solution for both new installations and takeovers process.

Further, the system, with its three paths of Wide-Area Network (WAN) connectivity, never goes offline. The BAT-Connect establishes the link with the robust Alula network using Ethernet, Wi-Fi or LTE cellular connectivity.