Amazon And National Science Foundation Join Force For Fairness Research In Artificial Intelligence

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Amazon_And-National-Science-Foundation-Joint-Force-For-Fairness-Research-In-Artificial-Intelligence Amazon And National Science Foundation Join Force For Fairness Research In Artificial IntelligenceE-commerce giant Amazon has announced to partner with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop systems focused on fairness in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with USD10 million in research grant over the next 3 years. In a statement, VP of natural understanding in the Alexa AI group, Prem Natarajan stated that with the increasing use of AI in everyday life, fairness in Artificial Intelligence is a topic of increasing importance across academia, government, and industry.

The partnership will specifically target explainability, potential adverse biases and effects, validation of fairness, mitigation strategies, and considerations of inclusivity, to allow broadened acceptance of AI systems and enable the U.S. to further capitalize on the potential of AI technologies. To result in new open source tools, publicly available data sets, and publications, the two organizations expect proposals, which they are accepting from 25 March until May 10. As per the reports, the Seattle-based e-commerce giant will provide partial funding for the program, as well as the NSF making award determinations independently and in accordance with its merit review process. It also predicted that the program will continue in 2020 and 2021, with additional calls for letters of intent.

The NSF’s head for computer and information science and engineering, Jim Kurose are thrilled to announce this new partnership with Amazon to fund research focused on fairness in AI, with saying that this program will support research related to the development and implementation of trustworthy AI systems that incorporate transparency, fairness, and accountability into the design from the beginning.

With this move, Amazon has joined a rising number of corporations, industry consortiums, and academic institutions engaged in the study of ethical AI. However, this is not the first of this kind of move have announced here. Last year in May, social network giant Facebook announced Fairness Flow that automatically warns if an algorithm is making an unfair judgment about a person based on their race, gender, or age. In the same month Tech firm, Microsoft released a solution of its own.